walk by faith.

He is jealous for me. loves like a hurricane, i am a tree, bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy. all of the sudden, i am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory. and i realize just how beautiful You are, and how great Your affections are for me. oh, how He loves us.

Dear Facebook Friends,

I think you all should know that for a really long time, I was very jealous of a lot of you.  Any time you would experience these grand life events such as engagements, weddings, pregnancies, I would cringe.  I’d scroll through the posts and some things could quite honestly incite crying or a depression or worry that could carry on for days.  Posts that at one point were the cause of a two month deactivation of my Facebook account because I couldn’t stand it.  I’d scroll through and wonder why all of these people, some of which I felt didn’t even deserve these things, were living a life that I wanted. 

Until a couple of weeks ago. 

A couple of weeks ago, I finally, finally, realized that there are only a very select few of you that I do envy. Those of you that have done things right.  Those of you that have these amazing, God-written love stories and Christ centered relationships. I envy that.  But I am also SO glad and so INSPIRED by the fact that there are a few of you that have that.  I love watching those of you from Unite have these wonderful relationships, that turn into engagements, that turn into weddings.  

The rest of you that used to be the cause of many stressful, sad nights,  I don’t want what you have.  Not one bit. I don’t want a baby if it comes from an unplanned pregnancy that forces me into a relationship or marriage with someone that I otherwise wouldn’t have chosen to spend my life with. Or if it leaves me alone as a single mom struggling to take care of it because the father is completely out of the picture.  I don’t want to be stuck in a relationship for the rest of my life because I’m too afraid to move on or too afraid to be alone.  I don’t want to be in a relationship or engaged to someone that doesn’t love and respect me exactly as Christ would. I don’t envy the relationships full of anger, emotional abuse, bitterness, or sexual sin.  I’m so sad that it took me so long to realize many of you don’t have anything I’d ever actually want. I’m certainly not jealous of any of those things. I don’t want any of that.  I only wish that some of you would want more for yourselves as well. 

It happens to everyone as they grow up. You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that people you’ve known forever don’t see things the way you do. So you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on.

—Nicholas Sparks

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Nothing in the world brings me more joy than this little girl. Had it not been for her, I don’t know how, or if, I would’ve made it through some of the hardest, darkest parts of my life. She’s been my something to come home to, a source of continual happiness and consistency in my life. There is never a day that we aren’t happy to see each other. She is my early morning wake up call each day, my cuddles every night. In three and a half years, I’ve spent more time with her than any human being. She has changed my life in so many ways. More than any person has. After having my heart set on a Pomeranian for years, going to get her I thought I was “just getting a dog”. Nothing could have prepared me for this bond that we share. For the little moments we have that make me laugh and smile and make my heart swell. Her walking next to me, so close that her body rubs against my leg. Her demanding personality that requires you to drop everything and focus full attention on her. Her practically leaping and flying into my arms when I pick her up from the groomer. Her adorable little nose. Her forcing me to give her tummy scratches. Her barking that she uses to locate me if I leave the room and don’t take her with me. Her insistence that I hold her in one arm as I’m driving. The way she literally jumps into my hands when I go to pick her up. The way she wakes me up by lying on my chest with her face two inches from mine. The way she falls asleep either on my legs or as close as she can possibly get to my side. They way she doesn’t want to share me, her momma, with anyone else. She is not, has not, and will not ever be “just a dog”. She is my child, my joy, and I can only hope that we have many, many more years together where I can try to give her even a fraction of the happiness that she’s given me. Whether that be through chasing each other outside, Busy Bones, little bites of people food every now and then, waking up at 5:30 in the morning to take care of her when she’s sick, holding her up to see out of the window while I drive, or endless amounts of tummy scratches. I want to make sure every single day we have together is full of as much happiness and love as possible. I love my Isabella.

I hope you have the courage to pursue someone who is worth pursuing, and not someone who is convenient. Convenience is impatience disguised as your desires, you are worth more than what time has told you, you are worthy of finding someone who will wait for you; don’t settle for what is easy, settle for what is good.

—T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

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In any relationship, there will be frightening spells in which your feelings of love dry up. And when that happens you must remember that the essence of marriage is that it is a covenant, a commitment, a promise of future love. So what do you do? You do the acts of love, despite your lack of feeling. You may not feel tender, sympathetic, and eager to please, but in your actions you must BE tender, understanding, forgiving and helpful. And, if you do that, as time goes on you will not only get through the dry spells, but they will become less frequent and deep, and you will become more constant in your feelings. This is what can happen if you decide to love.

Timothy Keller, Meaning of Marriage

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It’s okay to change your yes to a no. Yes’s aren’t permanent. They’re something we choose again and again, each and every day. Something we have the right to recall and reconsider as soon as saying yes no longer feels conducive to our wellbeing and happiness. It doesn’t matter whether you said yes to a job, a date, a relationship, sex, a favor to a friend, a social endeavor, or a vow of silence — you don’t ever have to commit to something that forces you to compromise who you are and what feels right; especially if it’s something you agreed to under pressure, intimidation, or force. Changing your yes to a no might make people angry. It might hurt their feelings, cause them to see you as a flake, and result in lost connections. But if saying no means staying true to yourself, honoring your feelings, and making self-care a priority, it’s worth it. You are worth it. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

—Daniell Koepke (via creatingaquietmind)

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